Month: July 2017

Sit-ins, marches and rallies as activists around the country fight Republican health care bill

Disability rights activists have now spent two nights in Sen. Cory Gardner’s Denver office, where they are holding a sit-in to protest the Better Care Reconciliation Act, which would cut $772 million from Medicaid by 2026. The members of the Colorado branch of the national disability-rights organization ADAPT arrived Tuesday and have been camping out on inflatable pool toys. “Cory Gardner, we will check out as soon as you commit a No vote,” they said online.

Ex-boss of Venezuela president mourns son killed in unrest

Among many people mourning the death of a child in street protests against Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro is his former boss, from back when the president was a bus driver. The mourner is David Vallenilla, whose son David died last Thursday when he was hit with buck shot fired by a soldier at point blank range. Vallenilla says he has been told Maduro the president will call him.