Alex Rodriguez is five homers away from tying the great Willie Mays for fourth on the all-time list with 660. Just what happens after that ball flies over the fence might be one of the season’s best dramas. The New York Yankees are acting like the milestone doesn’t exist — partially because it will help avoid paying A-Rod’s $6 million “milestone” bonus . If he’s at home, Yankees fans will probably cheer A-Rod, since they’ve given him warm receptions thus far . If he’s on the road, you can expect a chorus of boos. We’ll wait and see what sort of media coverage it gets, whether folks act like it’s as real as spring-training stats or they give it “milestone” coverage. [ Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball: Sign up and join a league today! ] Despite all that, you know who will be happy for A-Rod? Another shamed slugger — Barry Bonds, who is a particularly interesting person in this matter because Mays is his godfather, A-Rod is a recent pupil of his and, like Rodriguez, he knows what it’s like to chase a milestone without the public’s support. Bonds spoke to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale about the chase for 660 and his comments were certainly polarizing. Bonds says everybody — you, me, the Yankees, etc. — should be happy for A-Rod. Something tells us not every baseball fan is going to heed Bonds’ word. “My godfather means the world to me. I love him to a T,” Bonds told USA TODAY Sports in an hour-long telephone interview, “but when Alex hits No. 660, I’ll be happy for him. Willie will be happy for him. Everybody should be happy for him. “Any time

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