Breathe easy, Miami Marlins fans. Superstar slugger Giancarlo Stanton is doing fine and was even able to finish Saturday’s intrasquad game after being hit on the left hip by a pitch from Henderson Alvarez. Henderson Alvarez plunks Giancarlo Stanton with a pitch during #Marlins intrasquad game. pic.twitter.com/HEthx3ZkrH — Juan C. Rodriguez (@JCRMarlinsbeat) February 28, 2015 Though not a big deal, this probably isn’t the way the Marlins wanted spring training to begin considering the way Stanton’s season ended in 2014. During a game against the Milwaukee Brewers on Sept. 11, Stanton suffered several facial fractures and dental damage after being hit in the face by a Mike Fiers pitch. That led to Stanton actually debuting a custom helmet designed to protect his face on Saturday . [ Baseball is back! Check out Yahoo For Spring Training for great spring training pics. ] The helmet obviously couldn’t protect his hip, but the good news is this is only a story because of what happened last season, and in no way will be an extension of that incident. In some ways it may even help Stanton to get that first hit by pitch out of the way so he can focus on preparing and adjusting to his new headgear.  “Feels good,” Stanton said, afterward. “No thoughts, 100 percent fine. Didn’t have one thought about it.” The moment may have been more anxious for Henderson Alvarez. The 2014 All-Star admitted to being nervous before facing Stanton in a live batting practice session on Thursday. He obviously felt bad for what happened on Saturday, but thankfully the two players were able to joke about it afterward. In fact, once it was confirmed that Stanton was OK, the concern actually turned to the object involved in the beaning. #Marlins catcher J.T. Realmuto on Giancarlo Stanton being HBP: “I think the ball might have been hurt more than him.” — clarkspencer (@clarkspencer) February 28, 2015 Unlike Stanton, the baseball was unable to finish the game, but we’re sure it will return for a future batting practice session, in which Stanton will welcome another opportunity to crush it 500 feet.  [ Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball: Sign up and join a league today! ] As for how Stanton felt wearing the helmet on Saturday, he said the following to Juan C. Rodriguez of the Sun Sentinal .   “Better than I thought, to be honest,” Stanton said of his new gear. “You can’t get it fully out of your vision, out of your peripheral, at least. But in terms of focusing on the pitcher, I had no trouble with that. But walking up or running the bases, it’s more noticeable, because you’re not focusing on one thing.” That sounds annoying, but that’s also to be expected. We’re guessing Stanton will be used to it enough by the time April rolls around that he won’t even notice it.  One thing is definitely for sure though. He’ll look a lot more menacing when rounding the bases on his next monster homer.  More MLB coverage from Yahoo Sports: – – – – – – – Mark Townsend is a writer for Big League Stew on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at bigleaguestew@yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter! Follow @Townie813

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