The circus came to town early. Alex Rodriguez walked into New York Yankees spring camp Monday, somewhat announced, decked out in University of Miami gear, turning baseball writers into would-be paparazzi with their “Look! A-Rod-is-here pictures.” Rodriguez did what a guy who hasn’t played professional baseball in a year should have done: showed up three days early, reported to the field with the Yankees minor leaguers, worked out, took grounders, took batting practice and even hit a few over the fence. [ Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball: Sign up and join a league today! ] Our man Jeff Passan was on the scene and keeping tally: Alex Rodriguez took 71 swings and hit six home runs. BP over. — Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) February 23, 2015 All of baseball is watching every moment of The A-Rod Show this season: every homer, every strikeout, every grimace, every smile and every goofy A-Rod Face . (Sidenote: A-Rod Faces are the best , nobody does unintentionally funny faces better than our man Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez). [ Baseball is back! Check out Yahoo For Spring Training for great spring training pics. ] Monday’s workout was quite a show — the A-Rod faces, we mean, not the BP session. But they’ll all be a show, because with A-Rod, there is no other option. So while you can debate whether he should retire already, after only his first workout session of 2015, we’ll happily enjoy this collection of weird A-Rod faces from his first day in camp.

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