The New York Yankees will honor pitcher Andy Pettitte this summer, retiring his number and giving him a plaque in the team’s prestigious monument park. And while Pettitte’s career hit many of the hallmarks for such a thing — 15 years with the Yankees, five World Series wins, beloved status as a member of the “Core Four” — make no mistake this is a tricky situation. The Yankees announced Monday that Pettitte, along with Jorge Posada and Bernie Williams, will have their numbers retired this season. In the case of Pettitte, the Yankees have to know this is a little awkward. Pettitte’s career carries a PED cloud , and with all eyes on Alex Rodriguez’s return from his PED suspension, the Yankees face a tough balancing act: celebrating one drug-linked star while grinning and bearing another . The news about Pettitte originally came from his son’s Twitter feed on Sunday: Heard it here first. @Yankees are making August 23rd Andy Pettitte day. Retiring #46 and honoring him with a plaque in Monument Park!! — Josh Pettitte (@JPettitte21) February 15, 2015

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