It seems like a foregone conclusion that if Trent Richardson is going to change his status as a massive draft bust, it won’t be with the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts tried for a while, but by the end of the season it became clear they had given up. Richardson, the third overall pick of the 2012 draft, was dropped way down the depth chart. He was inactive for a playoff game at Denver. He was suspended for the AFC championship game at New England. They added another game to the suspension, to be served next season. That is, if he’s still with the team. A lot of fence-mending would have to happen for Richardson to serve that Colts suspension, it seems.’s Mike Wells reported about Richardson’s various issues over last season, which included being overweight and missing a walk-through before the AFC title game without letting the Colts know. Wells wrote that Richardson’s weight went from 225 to 240 by the end of the season. The issues started on Oct. 19 when he injured his hamstring. The weight issues would help explain yet another poor season, when he had 3.3 yards per carry. His poor play on the field was not the only reason he disappeared from the Colts offense by the end of the season. Wells wrote the team was upset that Richardson was sometimes difficult to get a hold of, citing the day after Ahmad Bradshaw suffered a season-ending injury when they had no communication with him until 1 p.m. Then Richardson missed a walk-through practice before the AFC championship game without letting the team know. He said afterward he had a serious family emergency. If the Colts give up on Richardson (and

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