If you’re going to wear an athlete’s jersey, the rule of thumb should be to at least be able to recognize the person whose name you have on your back. But for one vacationing fan of the New England Patriots, he couldn’t recognize the athlete whose jersey he was wearing … even as he stood just feet away from him and engaged him in a conversation. Bianca Wilfork, wife of Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork, shot a funny video while she was vacationing with her husband in the Bahamas. Vince was standing one person away from someone wearing his No. 75 jersey and casually engaged the fan in a little banter. His wife chimed in first. “You know whose jersey you have on?” Bianca asked off camera. “His.” The fan looked in disbelief and Vince simply said, “How you doing? That’s me.” Everyone started to laugh as the fan looked slightly and sheepishly embarrassed. If you doled out the money for Wilfork’s jersey, at least be able to recognize the man. And we couldn’t help but chuckle when the fan referred to him as “Vincent,” using his full and proper name. Perhaps this fan should be cut a little slack, however. He was on vacation in the Bahamas and could have possibly been a bit jet-lagged still or had enjoyed the poolside bar once or twice that afternoon, blurring his memory. There also appears to be a slight British accent as well, perhaps factoring into his lack of familiarity with the hulking defensive tackle. But kudos to Vince and Bianca for the funny video but also in handling the situation

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