You may remember that I dislike most conspiracy theories. Why people waste their time coming up with this stuff, I don’t know. But now we have one on the Seattle Seahawks’ final play call in Super Bowl XLIX. You know the situation: On second and goal at New England’s 1-yard line, the Seahawks passed instead of handing off to Marshawn Lynch. Russell Wilson threw an interception. Game over. Patriots win. It wasn’t good enough to just let this rest with it being a questionable call at best and the most mind-numbing call in sports history at worst . There has to be another layer, like the coach wanting to give the glory to his quarterback rather than the controversial running back. Yeah, that’s it! So here goes: Pete Carroll wanted Wilson to be the hero. Not Lynch. Because … well, who the heck knows. I guess because he’s short with the media? Right. But’s Dave Zirin wrote about it. quoted an anonymous Seahawks player as saying, ” That’s what it looked like,” when it was presented to him, although that story acknowledged the quote was probably said out of frustration. But you can go on Twitter or Facebook and find many others who are buying in. And let’s double back to why I hate this kind of stuff: It makes zero sense. None. Not even in some far away universe would this conspiracy theory hold even the tiniest bit of logic. A couple key points: Carroll doesn’t make the call; it’s offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell (and no, Carroll didn’t change the call; he told it was not true that he changed the call from run to pass). Even if you’re saying Bevell is

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