A few bad apples docked Seattle’s “12th Man” street cred yesterday when they left the NFC championship game with their team down 19-7 and needing a minor miracle to save the season. Then that miracle happened and they were literally left out in the cold. We understand wanting to beat the traffic in Week 6 on a school night, but the NFC championship? How often do those come along that you feel good just walking out? The images of fans watching the stadium TVs through the exterior windows were priceless. We’d keep piling on, but we’re guessing these fans have kicked themselves enough in the past 24 hours. Novak Djokovic is a character, prone to flawless impersonations and random acts of charm that have won him many fans during his tennis career. He’s pretty good on the court, too. To kick off this year’s season, Djokovic added to his legend by offering chocolates to reporters at his first Australian Open press conference. We imagine the world would implode if Bill Belichick did something like this at his next press conference.  Throwback uniforms are always a good idea, no matter how ridiculous they may look. Houston Baptist’s basketball team broke out their latest retro look for ’70s night against New Orleans. The throwbacks looked like a Harlem Globetrotters uniform on acid, and they were part of a 74-73 win. Guess that means they’ve got to be broken out more often. – – – – – – – The Yahoo Sports Mad Dash is a roundup of the morning’s trending stories from across the sports landscape. Check it out every day to see what’s buzzing.

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